In 2005 The Carbon Accounting Company embarked on a bold mission: To empower people and organizations in being accountable for, and improving, their environmental performance. Our strategy to fulfill this mission involves a sector-specific approach, one that no other environmental sustainability services company has taken.

Our first sector was the transportation industry. In 2005 we launched Green Ride Global, a program enabling small, medium and large ground transportation providers to quantify the environmental impacts of their operations, to improve their footprint, and to report their progress to their customers.

In 2009 we created a second program, Green Hotels Global. As the only cross-brand, metrics-based environmental benchmarking tool for the hotel industry, Green Hotels Global has become widely recognized as a leader in sustainability programs. The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) awarded Green Hotels Global the 2013 Project ICARUS Award for Outstanding Achievement. Today thousands of hotels worldwide participate in Green Hotels Global.

In 2014 we proudly launched a third program, Green Cruise Global, the most comprehensive environmental sustainability tool for the cruise ship industry.

Each ship’s environmental performance is measured through an online dashboard calculating and tracking the following indicators: Carbon emissions per passenger, freshwater consumption per passenger, waste diversion rate, and over 50 current environmental management practices onboard each ship.

100% of each passenger’s carbon footprint is then offset through Gold Standard and VCS certified global projects that reduce carbon emissions and improve the lives of people around the world.

Passengers traveling on cruise ships participating in Green Cruise Global take comfort in knowing their voyage is carbon-neutral, and that they are making a lasting difference in the lives of others.